romeo and juliet part 2
Updated: 1/9/2021
romeo and juliet part 2

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  • Romeo!!! what are you doing here!!! it's too dangerous!!! if my father see you he will possibly kill you!!
  • Juliet, my darling... I came here to be with you, I want to run away with you... I would like to say that you are the absolute... love of my life Juliet
  • wow Romeo.... I feel the same way, but we can't be together around here...
  • I know Juliet.... that is why I wanted to ask you.... will you merry me?!?! so we can officaly stay together, and gom places other then around the ones who want to kill us..
  • oh my goodness.... Yessss!! of course!! I would love too, but we must discuss this another time Romeo, maybe tomorrow... so we could run away together
  • yes Juliet.... I agree... have a good night my love.... we will meet again tomorrow..
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