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Updated: 10/6/2021
Unknown Story

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  • Billy I am also out, I think we should steal
  • Hey Bob you have any money because I am all out
  • Yeah, I have so much do you still have yours
  • Bob you have the candy in your pocket
  • yeah
  • Billy Run or else we will get caught then we will get in trouble
  • These boy are stealing candy somebody catch them
  • We should return the candy it is against the 8 commandment
  • We should give candy back it is not right to steal
  • I know but we cannot steal it is against the christian law
  • Fine we can return it
  • I know but we will get in trouble
  • We are really sorry we stole your candy we will never do this again
  • candy
  • Here is you candy back
  • candy
  • It was real nice of you boys to bing the candy back, but I am going to have to tell your friends
  • we are super disappointed in you two you guys are grounded for a month.