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Updated: 5/9/2020
Unknown Story
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  • Columbian Exchange
  • Come on. We need to get this shipment out today.
  • Yes. Sorry, I'm feeling a tad bit sick today.
  • Maritime Empires Establishing
  • We are almost to the New World where we can sell the slaves.
  • The Columbian Exchange was the exchange of plants, animals, and diseases established by Europeans that connected the Old and New Worlds.
  • Resistances
  • This isn't fair.
  • We must do something!
  • I haven't been given my food in three days.
  • With the new technology like ship designs and cross cultural new maritime empire could be established. They traded all over like in Africa and Asia and they grew the Indian Ocean trade.
  • Social Hierarchies Changing
  • We want and will take your land now!
  • With new people taking over and changing everything, resistances were formed from the indigenous and slave populations.
  • In many places there was more diversity which changed a lot of the social classes. There were new classes on top and new classes formed.
  • How dare you!
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