myth argument part 2

Updated: 5/14/2020
myth argument part 2

Storyboard Text

  • Overtime, Pan gu became weaker and weaker until he died. From his body came the Earth. His flesh became the lands, his veins the rivers, his limbs the mountains, and his soul turned into humans.
  • Your people have been living a lie then.
  • What you have told me did not include prominent characters such as Odin , Villi, and Vé.
  • My people have retold this story for generations.
  • That is because none of those beings existed.
  • Such insolence. You claim that our story is incorrect. Yet you have no proof that yours is.
  • Proof? The proof surrounds us.
  • Look at the world around you; everything is alive and thriving. This is because of Pangu. His great sacrifice nourished the lands and provided us with peace.
  • I believe you, sailor. What you have told me has given me a newfound respect for this Earth. It is a home that should be cherished since its creation derived from great sacrifice.
  • It seems my work is done here. I will take my leave now and continue on my journey.
  • Not only did he give us an Earth, he gave us a Heaven to rest when we pass.
  • Goodbye sailor. I will be sure to spread the word of the true creation of the Earth.