Henry's problem
Updated: 1/12/2021
Henry's problem

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  • why have you not gave birth to a heir yet
  • I am sorry Henry
  • hi .I I love you
  • hi
  • Henry you know you are not allowed to do that
  • please let me
  • Henry was really confused and angry because he hasn't had a heir or a spare only a daughter called Mary.
  • I guess i'll just have to change the religion
  • Then Henry went outside and saw Anne Boleyn and when he saw her he immediately fell in love with her. Henry knew he could get a boy out of her
  • I am thehead of the chuch
  • Then henry asked to divorce and marry Anne Boleynbut he is not allowed
  • we are married!
  • Henry decided to change the religion and the church to the England church
  • Henry made himself the head of the church
  • Then he married Anne Boleyn and only got a girl
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