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My pet slime
Updated: 4/17/2020
My pet slime
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Storyboard Description

Piper made slime without her parents permission. Her Grandma gave her a bottle and in the bottle was some magic dust. Late last night the wind was blowing and the bottle fell off the desk and fell on to the ordinary slime. Next morning the slime was alive. Piper named him Cosmo. Piper's grandma was missing. Piper checked her email to see if her grandma had sent anything. An email popped up on the screen, it said, "this message will disappear in five minuets. If you want to see your Grandma again, put the space dust outside and we will take it from there. Don't tell anyone about this message or you will never see your grandma again! signed Mandy" Piper gasped. "I've come for a play date and I want to show you a trick on my scooter" Clair said. Piper and Clair were both playing out on the driveway and a car pulled in a lady stepped out "are you Piper?" she asked Clair said "who is asking?" Mandy, Mandy handed Piper a letter Mandy said "don't show anyone so Piper had to turn away from Clair it said "You thought you could trick us we know the difference in earth dust and space dust" the woman left. Clair said "I know where Mandy is. It is a company, my uncle works there." Clair said, "hop on my scooter we will scooter to Mandy". A while later they arrived at Mandy's. They zoomed down the hallways on their scooters searching for grandma. They found grandma and rescued her. As they were heading out Clair said "shush I hear someone, Uncle?!" grandma said "OH no we have been captured again!

Storyboard Text

  • My pet slime is ALIVE!!!!
  • Oh no Grandma has been kidnapped
  • Yay we found grandma now lets get out
  • Oh no I hear someone,uncle?
  • Oh no we've been captured again
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