Phases of the Fur Trade
Updated: 1/16/2020
Phases of the Fur Trade
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  • Phases of the Fur Trade
  • What is with you people!?
  • Phase 1 1500-1603
  • Sure!
  • Trade?
  • Phase 2 1603-1670
  • Ahh!
  • Die, you people!
  • How Canada came to be
  • Phase 3 1670-1760
  • Trade? Who do you work for?
  • I'm a voyager and I work for the Hudson's Bay company.
  • In the First Phase, fishers from some European countries such as Britain, France and Portugal came to fish cod of the coast. They had no permanent settlements, only the British used drying stations on land, called flakes. The French preferred to salt their catch. They traded with the Mi'kmaq and other locals.
  • Phase 4 1760-1821
  • Some people want to buy pemmican from you because they are heading west.
  • Sure! I have enough berries and flour, but could you hunt some more meat?
  • In this phase, New France was developed by Samuel de Champlain, and the French had a war with the Haudenosaunee. The Haudenosaunee were armed by the Dutch and the British, and France's allies, the Ouendat, fought with them until they were defeated. They hadnworked as middlemen in the fur trade, so then new private middle men called coure de bois worked instead.
  • Phase 5 1821-1870
  • I found a farm we could buy! The fur trade is almost died out, after all, due to a lack of animals. I think farming is our best bet. After all, we already shut down our fort.
  • In this phase, the french made coure de bois, independent fur trade workers, illegal, so they worked for the French fur trade network instead. They were called voyagers. They would bring goods out to the far First Nations and then they would bring the traded furs back.
  • In this phase, the French were defeated by the British, so the French Fur trade turned into the NWC. Metis also started becoming more common, who are people with one European parent and one First Nations parent. They worked as guiders, interpreters and traders and they supplied pemmican, which is a type of meat cake.
  • In this phase, the fur trade died out, because they lacked animals and demand. The NWC joined with the HBC, so they had a monopoly. The fur trade had expanded west, so it was all over Canada except in the north.
  • And the Europeans don't want hats anymore.
  • Workers, pack up our things!
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