Phineas gage Chapter 1 Story board
Updated: 3/9/2020
Phineas gage Chapter 1 Story board
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  • He’s 26, unmarried, about 5’6 and he was a rail road worker. He’s good with his hands and works well with his crew, which means he can read people well and he is liked by people. He had a talent at blowing up mountains.
  • Rules are strict when Phineas and his men is at work as it is very dangerous. Phineas and his men does this every day so they are Professionals. However, this time something goes wrong. The black powder is poured into the hole, but for some reason, the sand is never poured down the hole. The powder and the fuse are exposed. Apparently, Phineas was not paying attention, so his rod goes in the hole as sparks appear and fires. the rod flies away and goes through Phineas's head
  • Gage's mens ran over to help Phineas. They were so surprised that Phineas was still alive, so they carried him on to a ox cart and head to town where the doctor was. Unfortunately, the doctor was not in town so Phineas and his crew had to wait 30 minutes.
  • Dr. Williams doesn’t believe him. He thinks he was mistaken about his injuries. Once he inspects them himself, he realizes that it is true. Dr. Williams stayed focus and helped Phineas stay alive.
  • The new Phineas is unreliable and, at times, downright nasty. He insults old workmates and friends. He spouts vulgar language in the presence of women. He changes his mind and his orders from minute to minute.
  • People said he was no longer Phineas. He behaved different he was meaner, more emotional and was just different.
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