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The Buddha's Path to Enlightenment
Updated: 2/20/2020
The Buddha's Path to Enlightenment
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  • My son will be a King!!
  • Get out of the way beggar!! Hide so the prince doesn't see you!
  • I'm dead!
  • I'm so old
  • I'm going to die to disease
  • La La La
  • Siddhartha was born a prince around 563 B.C. His father ruled a kingdom which is in present day Nepal. A fortune teller told the father that his son had two possible futures. He would either be a mighty king or be a religious leader, but his dad tried to guide him toward being a king.
  • Please. Teach me about life
  • Siddhartha was protected from everything bad. He was raised in wealth and luxury. Even when the prince rode out of the palace guards went ahead and made sure that the prince saw nobody sad or sick.
  • I have been enlightened!
  • Legends say when Siddhartha was about 29 he traveled out of the palace without any guards. He saw four sights, he saw a man leaning on a stick, a man shrunken by disease, he saw a man who had died, but on his fourth sight he saw an enlightened holy man who seemed content.
  • The only way to find happiness is to free yourself from selfish desire
  • The prince started to look for answers about life, death and suffering. He achieved salvation from the palace and began studying with Hindu Guru's. They taught him the cycle of birth, death, and rebirth (cycle of reincarnation. Siddhartha began living as an ascetic. After five years of self-denial Siddhartha's body became weak.
  • Once Siddhartha's strength returned he continued his search. One day he sat underneath a fig tree to meditate. Legends say that Mara the god of desire and death tried tempting Siddhartha to stop meditating, when that did not work he attacked him with rain and showers of rocks.
  • Even though the Buddha food himself from the cycle of reincarnation. He went back to the world to teach others what he had learned. The Buddha's trained some of his followers to become teachers.
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