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Updated: 12/19/2019
Unknown Story
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  • chicago
  • i wont judge.
  • east egg
  • My daddy bought me this castle.
  • the valley of ashes
  • Nick Caraway grew up in Minisota. Later in his life he went to Yale and fought in world war 1. He is a very honest person who trys to not judge people.
  • new york city
  • East egg represents old money which is money that is passed down from older times. An example of this is Tom and Daisy. They are very rich but it was because their parents passed that money down. Tom and Daisys mansion is very large with tons of fancy things.
  • west egg
  • Myrtle and George are married to each other because of one reason Myrtle says. The reason is because Myrtle thought that george was a gentlemen.
  • gatsbys party
  • This scene reveals a few things such as how Tom isn't very intelligent and slightly racist. It also reveals some of the guest's hidden feelings about there relationships. This was the scene where we figured out Tom was cheating on Daisy.
  • West egg is new money and represents people who have worked hard to get where they are. The peolpe who live here live in awesome houses because they are rich. The area gives a mood of power and intelligence in my opinion.
  • The party at Gatsby's was extravagant. A lot of people went and everyone there was rich. Throughout the party, Nick interacted with different people and met Gatsby who was nothing like he imagined because of the rumors he had heard previously.
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