American revolution

Updated: 10/8/2021
American revolution

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  • The Effects of the French and Indian War 1756
  • This is our land we claim it
  • uh in your dreams
  • The Proclamation of 1763
  • what if i was born here . .This dum king
  • Colonists are not allowed to pass the appalachain order of the king
  • British Taxes 1763-1767
  • The effects of the French and Indian War were that they left king George the third in debt and the king started giving more taxes to the colonists.
  • The Boston Massacre 1770
  • Fire
  • After the War king George the third wrote The Proclamation of 1763 which meant that the colonists couldn't pass the appalachian mountains.
  • The Boston Tea Party 1773
  • Some of the taxes king George the third pass on the colonists were the stamp act,sugar act,townshend act,declaratory act,and the quartering act.
  • The American Revolution
  • The Boston massacre was a small fight between the colonists and the soldiers in which 5 colonists were killed .The first colonists to be killed was called crispus attucks.
  • The Sons of Liberty dumped over 1 million dollars of tea into the Boston Harbor which made the king furious and passed the intolerable acts or coercive acts which closed the Boston Harbor,until the colonists paid the money for the tea back.
  • The American Revolution was a War between Britain and the Colonies.