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Zenger Trials
Updated: 9/23/2020
Zenger Trials
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  • John Peter Zenger
  • Hi, I'm John Peter Zenger. Welcome to my office! I publish articles for the New York Weekly Journal!
  • Zenger's Charges
  • Crosby's Corrupt Rule Should be Recognized and Fixed!!!
  • Zenger's Arrest
  • Why was I arrested for publishing the truth? This is so unfair!!!!
  • Zenger was born in Germany and moved to America at a very young age. He was indentured for eight years as an apprentice to William Bradford, a pioneer printer who established his own printing business in 1726. This later lead him to publish his first issue of the New York Weekly Journal; a political group of people that opposed the policies of Governor William Crosby.
  • The Zenger Trial
  • I've heard enough! Zenger is GUILTY!!!!!!!!!
  • Zenger criticized my policies!
  • John Peter Zenger printed out statements in the New York Weekly Journal that were critical of colonial Governor William Crosby. Zenger might not have been the one to write the article, but he was responsible for being the one to publish the issue. They pinned it on Zenger because he had the choice to not publish it, but he did anyways.
  • Effects of the Zenger Trial
  • On November 17, 1734, John Peter Zenger was arrested and charged with seditious libel for publishing the article. He waited for 10 months in prison until he was brought to trial in August of the following year.
  • Zenger's Life After the Trial
  • Zenger was brought to trial with his attorney, Andrew Hamilton. The Judge had declared Zenger guilty of his crimes, but then Hamilton asked one question that changed the printing press forever. He asked the judge if the statements that Zenger made in the article were true or false. It was proven that his charges were based on fact, so the jury declared Zenger innocent.
  • The article that my client published was critical, but it wasn't a false accusation!
  • After the trial, the freedom of press was developed, which is important so the government can't hide anything. When people get accused of libel, people now base it on fact instead of if the government liked it or not.
  • Zenger was telling the truth!
  • NOT GUILTY!!!!!!!!!
  • We should have freedom of the press!!!!!!
  • Zenger and his fellow publishers did not have to worry about being arrested for making true statements in their articles, even if they are critical. They could write whatever they wanted as long as they didn't criticize. This gave Zenger a lot more freedom and he didn't have to keep his thoughts to himself anymore.
  • I can publish the truth now and the government can't punish me for it!
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