WA7 Gina's Story - Alysia Ramnauth
Updated: 3/28/2021
WA7 Gina's Story - Alysia Ramnauth

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Thoughts on Reading, Presentation, 4 Ways Parents can Share their Voice

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  • It is sad to many would treat Gina differently. We MUST advocate for ALL, especially those in need!Find their strengths and work with them just as we would with anyone else.
  • Reading: Niki's Perspective What impacted me the most from the reading was the repetition of the word "spinning, spinning, spinning"I was brought into Niki's mind, felt every one of her emotions, and empathized her experience with Gina given her diagnosis of SLOS.
  • It was shocking that the "professionals" at the hospital looked at Gina as a statistic, a burden or even someone to pity before looking at her as a baby. Also saying that Gina wouldn't survive at home and doubting the parents.
  • Everyone has love to offer the world and deserve the same opportunities. Seeing Gina go horseback riding, swimming, and at adventure land was really cool! She was always smiling which made me so happy to see.
  • Presentation: Gina's Perspective What impacted me the most from the presentation was actually witnessing the timeline of Gina's life. There were moments where she struggled as well as where she was strong. It was basically a rollercoaster of ups and downs. JUST LIKE ANY OTHER PERSON!We all adapt to using our strengths and weaknesses and learn to navigate through life with them. Gina is no different, as seen in the presentation.
  • Blogs Have a space for parents to post, comment, ask questions, etc.
  • How can Parents Share their Voice?Communication is the Key!
  • Parent Conferences Talk about their child's progress (Email, Phone Calls, Face-to-Face Meetings, etc.)
  • Weekly Check-Ins Parents address their concerns about what their child needs and how they feel it would benefit their learning.
  • Parent Review Weekly or monthly folders of student work sent home for parent review and comment, permission slips, etc.