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french revolution
Updated: 12/18/2019
french revolution
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  • meeting of the estates general
  • We need to show the King who's boss
  • We need to make a constitution to let us all be the same
  • we wont leave until we get our way
  • tennis court oath
  • We all deserve to be equal
  • We aren't going to leave this place until we get our way
  • storming of the bastille
  • We need to get in that building
  • The king needs to pay for what he has put us through
  • There were financial crisis happening so the king called a meeting and put each of the three estates in different rooms so they could discus in privet. The old third estate didn't want to be called that anymore, so they had a meeting and made a Constitution. The King was wanting the vote on the financial crisis, to be a vote by order to try to fix it. This is a step away from democracy because the king is not letting everyone be equal.
  • the march on versailles
  • we need to talk to the king
  • We need to stop Robespierre from killing us all
  • The old third estate group of people didn't want to be called "third estate" so they came up with a new and better name. They deiced on being called The National Assembly. They took a pledge and made the constitution of 1791 which was the Declaration of the Rights of Man and the Citizen. This is a step towards democracy because the lower class people are protesting so everyone can be treated equal.
  • the reign of terror
  • I don't want to be next
  • On July 14 1789 all the "lower class" people marched to the Bastille which is a type of prison. They ended up getting in the building with lots of force. They as ended up cutting King Louis XVI head off and as a result, they had a revolution. this is a step towards democracy because the people went to the king and killed him so they could get out of a monarchy and go to a democracy.
  • the rise of napoleon
  • I will be emperor and everyone will follow me and do what I want them too
  • The French women had no rights. So they marched over to the king so they could hopefully get more rights. They didn't have enough food to feed their children and themselves, they needed more bread from the king. Then the king promised them that they would get more food. This is a step towards democracy because the women are getting more rights.
  • we wont leave until we get our way
  • Robespierre thought he had all the power. So if anyone talked about the king or queen then he killed them using a guillotine. Robespierre thought everyone needed to be republic. This was a step towards democracy because nobody could talk about kings or queens, so it is going to switch to a democracy.
  • Napoleon wanted to be emperor so he called the pope over and he crowed himself to show he loves power. He wanted a reformation and he thought he had the best military success. Even though he lost a lot of wars. This was a towards democracy because there was no monarch, just an emperor.
  • Yes they will napoleon
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