CA thing
Updated: 1/13/2021
CA thing

Storyboard Text

  •  Jim is the best Russian pilot of all time. His plane is dark blue and bright white. His plane is also the fastest too.
  • His plane is very expensive. Jim flew around the world 22 times. Jim’s plane also has a rare motor too. His plane can fit 1 person. So his plane is small compared to other planes.
  • Jim’s full name is Jimathy Matthew Corralles the 15th. He used to work for the Russian special forces. His sleek, detailed plane is named Bobby.He named it after his brother.
  • The inside is smooth, detailed leather that is a light brown. His seat is warm, soft felt that keeps him warm when he flies. His joystick that he controls the plane with has a smooth, wooden texture with little designs.
  • His plane has better inside details than other planes. Jim’s plane is a bit bigger than a P-51 Mustang. His plane is 33 feet and 7 inches long. And the wingspan is 37 feet and 4 inches. The height of the plane is 14 feet and 2 inches.