Updated: 6/3/2020

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  • Hello teacher, how are you?
  • Hi Sara! i am fine,thanks. Today we are going to work your recovery workshop.
  • We start with an English class reinforcing future topics witch Will and future with going to
  • Future with Will:It allows to expressspontaneous decisions about future actions, predictions, promises or intentions
  • Future with going to:Lets express a logical conclusion, a plan or a previously scheduled situation
  • Now you are going to ask some general questions.
  • "How do you think life really was created?" ,Is this going to be the test?
  • It may or may not be on the test, but it will be applicable to your future career, for which there is not test.
  • I have headache and also a stomach ache, i will take a pasta and water witch lemon. Can we continue tomorrow?
  • Of course, i hope you get better, tomorrow continue.