They story of

Updated: 9/10/2021
They story of

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  • Phineas Gage
  • Phineas's Job
  • The accident
  • Phineas Gage was a railroad construction worker but one day he had accident that would later change the history of brain science and Phineas himself.
  • after the accident
  • Phineas Gage was a blaster in the construction industry. His job was to drill a hole in the bedrock then his assistant filled the bottom with gunpowder. Phineas then has to use his tamping iron to carefully press the gunpowder. Than his assistant fills up the rest of the hole with loose sand to act like a plug. Than Phineas will use his tamping iron again to hold the explosion, making the rock shatter.
  • Recovery/ surgery
  • Phineas was doing the process but this time something went wrong. The sand was never poured into the hole. Some how Phineas all of a sudden got distracted. Phineas tamping iron then slips down into the whole causing the granite to strike. Phineas's tamping iron went straight through the cheekbone behind his left eye and through his brain.
  • The end
  • After Phineas got his injury he got on a wagon into town to get the doctor (doctor Williams). Phineas is talking to his neighbors and friends when Dr. Williams gets there. When Dr. Williams examines Phineas he finds out that he has a cracked skull. Dr.Williams thought that Phineas was lying about the injury, he thought that phineas was in shock, but he was not. Than the towns regular doctor came back and got ready for Phineas recovery.
  • Dr. Harlow (a different doctor) does what he can he puts pieces of skull back in place. Dr. Harlow decides to leave the brain open so that it has room to swell. Dr. Harlow then wraps his head in adhesive bandages over the wound. Than he gives strict orders that he stay that way. Phineas seems fine and gets up and moving but then he gets a fever and his brain starts leaking. Dr.Harlow preforms surgery and all is well after.
  • when phineas recovers his friends and family realize he is not himself. Phineas is rude and is not patient. Phineas is not Phineas. Later in life, 11 years Phineas dies from his brain injury.
  • I Hate You!