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Updated: 8/28/2020
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Storyboard Description

The mountain goat was bored of having the body of one animal. He prayed to god to have the body of the tortoise, the legs of a rhino, the tail of a horse and the face of a mountain goat. Suddenly there were many predators in his environment and he was left with no defenses. He also needed to run really fast and needed something to balance him out. God listened to his prayers and gave him the legs of a rhino to make him stronger to manage his circumstances. He was given the tail of the horse to balance his speed and be sturdy. He got the body of a tortoise so that he could go into his shell when needed and act like a ginormous rock. He was left with the face of a goat so he could still enjoy eating the yummy moutain grass and to protect himself with his horns.

Storyboard Text

  • the mountain goat was bored of having the body of one animal
  • He prayed to god, " Please give me the body of a tortoise, head of a goat, legs of a rhino and a tail of a horse so I can protect myself."
  • Finally one day god listened to him and gave him what he asked for. the goat was pleased by this and decided to call himself ghatoise.if you go in the mountains you might see one!!
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