Updated: 10/23/2020

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  • It was a regular school day, me and my two other friends would meet each other in the same spot everyday.
  • We all had P.E together and we were walking to the soccer field. We were talking about getting a six pack and I was messing around and said I have a snack pack and my friend said maybe if I ran then I would not have one. I was to scared to say anything so I did not.
  • After P.E we went to lunch and she acted like she never said anything to me. She never apologized to me and it really hurt me that my friend would say this to me.
  • Ever since she said that to me it never felt the same between us and I my confidence went down a lot.
  • I felt so left out with them and I wanted to talk to my other friend but I was scared she was going to tell the other girl so I never said anything to anyone.
  • There was a lot of tension between me and the girl, and my other friend still did not know how I felt until one day I decided to finally tell her and it was the best choice I made because we got even closer after I told her and we made better friends that really helped me with my confidence. 
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