STEAL Characterization activity the Graveyard book- Irene Medina
Updated: 5/4/2020
STEAL Characterization activity the Graveyard book- Irene Medina

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  • Created By: Irene Medina Period: 3rd
  • STEAL Characterization activity ofthe Graveyard book
  • S=" One grave in every graveyard belongs to the ghouls."(51). This shows that the if one graveyard looks like a target or makes you feel uncomfortable it become a ghouls gate, which can make the graveyard colder than others.
  • The reveals that bod is upset that he has a different guardian named Miss. Lupescu. His first guardian Silas had to leave and uncover things. The first day he met her he mentioned that she was not pretty. Either way bod has to get used to her because Miss. Lupescu is now his new guardian.
  • T="Silas was leaving. Bod had been upset by this when he had first learned about it. He was not longer upset. He was furious. "But why?" said Bod. I told you. I need to obtain some information. In order to do that, I have to travel. To travel, I must leave here. We have already been over all this."(52).
  • Miss. Lupescu
  • E="So you game for adventure, or do you want to waste the rest of your life here?" asked Duke of Westminster. "I'm game,'' he said. His three new friends might have been his size, but they were far stronger than any child, and Bod found himself picked up bu the Bishop of Bath and wells and help high above the creatures head.(61).
  • This reveals that Bod fell through a dark hole and was startled to be scared. He felt two hands with strength catch him at the bottom in the pitch black. Bod had not been in darkness for a couple years
  • A=" Can you imagine, how fine a drink the black ichor that collects in a leaden coffin can be? Or how it feels to be more important than kings and queens, than presidents or prime ministers or heroes, to be sure of it, in the same way that people are more important than brussels sprouts?''(63).
  • Bod found out he was with the ghouls. They were asking him if he would like to join them, and gave Bod reasons to join them. They were mentioning."Ghouls do not build. They are parasites and scavengers, eaters, and carrion." (64)
  • L=''I don't remember anything about the days before I was a ghoul,'' said the famous writer Victor Hugo. "Nor I,'' said the Emperor of China, proudly. "Nope," said the 33rd President of the United States. "You'll be one of a select brand, of the cleverest, strongest, bravest creatures ever," bragges the Bishop of Bath and Wells.''(66).
  • Bod was not one bit impressed with how the ghouls he was emotional and did not wanna be like them. "They were stronger, thought, and inhumanly fast, and he was in the center of a troupe of them. Making a break for it would have been impossible."(66)
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