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mesopotamia isabelle everhart block 2
Updated: 10/16/2019
mesopotamia isabelle everhart block 2
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  • women
  • this is no fair.
  • Domestication
  • religion and polithaistic
  • women wern't allowed to attend school.can be a baker but thta is one of few jobs women can have.women can not leave their husband if they do they lose their gifts they only get to keep their gifts if they were abused.
  • The Seeder Plow
  • it took no time at all to plant these crops!
  • im the king of the akkadian empire
  • domestication was the tame of animals and plants.because of domestication they had plenty of food.After they had plenty of food and started farming it the end of being nomads.
  • the 4 major kingdoms
  • im the king of the babylonian empire
  • and im the king of the neo- babylonian empire
  • There was a lot of sacrifices and offerings depending on their religion.They built ziggurats to make offerings or sacrifices.It was a large part of their life and the religions have changed a lot since then.
  • The social structure of mesopatamia.
  • kings and queens
  • The seeder plow was a way easier way to plant and was a huge part of history.We even still use the seeder plow today but upgraded it over the years.
  • These kingdoms went in the order ABAN.All the empires were a huge part of mesopatamia's history.All of them were empires and all had taken up most of mesopatamia.
  • im the king of the assyrain empire
  • The social pyramid had slaves at the bottom.They also had scribes &merchants 3rd of the 4 tiles. Government & priests 2nd who were a big deal in Mesopotamia. the first tile are the kings queens.
  • goverment and preists
  • scribe merchants and artisans
  • farmers and slaves
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