Unknown Story
Updated: 4/29/2020
Unknown Story

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  • why can't kenny go by himself
  • i pouted and walked real fast up to Mitchell’s so kenny had to walk real fast too.
  • “Listen here, Mr. High and Mighty, since you just got to know, foodis food.You’ve eaten welfare food in this house before and if need beyou’ll eat it again. Don’t come playin’ that nonsense with me. I alreadytold you, this is not welfare food.You’ve got about five seconds to havethat door hit you in the back. Kenny, move
  • “You go get in line and hold our spot, I’ma look at some comics for a minute.When you get up to the register I’ll come and tell ’em how we gonna pay. ”
  • i just snatched the things off the shelves.Then i dropped the bomb on kenny
  • it looked like kenny was trying to make sure no one heard.