Environmental Science
Updated: 1/11/2021
Environmental Science

Storyboard Text

  • I just got a great idea. We can go to the museum of rocks and fossils.
  • That would be so cool and we can bring the pets alongside with us.
  • Museum Of Fossils and Rocks
  • Well here we are.
  • That is so cool, it's like we have tiny volcano pieces
  • I didn't know that they came from volcanos
  • The Rock CycleFirst starts of as hot magma that has erupted from a volcano
  • So does this mean there are different types of rocks?
  • Yes, as we continue to go through we will see information about the other ones
  • Once the magma has cooled it undergoes the process of cooling and crystallization. Igneous rocks are formed but then go through weathering and erosion.
  • It's basically just the transforming of the sediments
  • Due to the weathering and erosion sediments are formed which are bonded together through a process known as lithification to create sedimentary rocks
  • What is li-li-lithification?
  • Once this process is done, it just all repeats?
  • Pressure and Heat then play a part in the making of Metamorphic rocks. They are melted into liquid or they can become foliated or striated as liquid rock comes into contact with the sedimentary rock.
  • Yes