Huck 2

Updated: 5/12/2020
Huck 2

Storyboard Text

  • Huck and Tom are two ordinary boys who live beneath the society that's intensely racist and has slavery. Huck is seen as the realist and does things agreeing to his conscience and lives a really develop life due to his father taking off him and not being civilized. Tom is the sentimental who does things agreeing to books but doesn't truly know what he says or what it implies. Tom makes an vow to the group and Huck takes after.
  • Come BACK HERE!!!
  • Huck comes back home to see that his father has come back and beats him. Huck is anxious for another beating so he chooses to fake his death and uses big blood to create the townsfolk believe that he has passed on. He afterward escapes to Jackson island where Huck stumbles over Jim who has gotten away due to the fear of being sold to another slave dealer. Huck chooses to assist Jim by going down the Mississippi Waterway and turn cleared out to reach the north where Jim can be free.
  • BANG!!! BANG!!!
  • I'll get help
  • As Huck and Jim travel on the waterway they miss the turn and are heading further into the slave states. As they travel downstream they meet new individuals. A Duke and a Dauphin join on board and at first appear legit, but afterward Huck finds out they are fakes and are taking from the individuals by making tricks for individuals to donate their cash. Jim is captured by slave seekers and Huck tracks down where he is and thumps on the entryway. To his astonish it was Tom's Close relative Banter. After finding out who she was he cut off Tom. Tom was startled to see him and befuddles him as a apparition. Huck inquires Tom in case he can offer assistance with Jim's protect and Tom agrees.
  • Ending
  • Huck and Tom devise a plan and start work on it. It takes them a few weeks to execute because they do a several unnecessary things but Tom being a Romantic puts it anyways because the books have it and it looks cool doing it. While they are preparing Jim acts like he doesn't know them so they don't blow the plan. Tom and Huck get Aunt Sally and Uncle Silas mad by causing a commotion, and Tom eventually sends a letter saying they are busting Jim out.
  • On the night that they are progressing to execute the arrange there are 15 armed farmers prepared to capture whoever is attempting to take Jim. They break in and take Jim one of the farmers oversees to shoot Tom in the leg. They proceed running but afterward are caught up by dogs. Tom tells the dogs to go back since those are Tom's so the dogs free interest. After being at a secure distance Huck runs to induce a specialist. At the town he sends the specialist but is picked up by Uncle Silas. Huck is stressed approximately Jim and Tom. He is on observe so he can't go anyplace. The as it were thing he can do is hold up.
  • OK hurry back
  • It's fine ill tough it out
  • Aunt Sally is happy that Sid has appeared up, but it is really Tom. Tom, who is really Huck , ask about Jim and the genuine Tom begins telling them their wild story. Aunt Sally listens in quietly. Aunt Polly comes in and tells Aunt Sally that Sid is really Tom and Tom is Huck. Aunt Sally is stunned. Tom afterward tells Huck that Jim was free a long time back, but he needed to have an enterprise so he stowed away the truth. Aunt Sally offers Huck the choice to embrace him, but Huck rejects it and favors to be free and uncivilized. Jim cleared out in arrange to seek for his family. The end.