The Age of Exploration: the Spanish vs. British

Updated: 8/26/2020
The Age of Exploration: the Spanish vs. British

Storyboard Text

  • You see, we English set up permanent colonies to grow our influence. And, mind you, we have the best navies in the world, so this land should be ours.
  • Okaaay... but know you can just take the natural resources and be gone, like us Spanish. Why go tthrough the extra work of maintaining a colony when you can just take their resources and leave!
  • The power of God has sent us here for a reason. Us Spanish must carry out that reason by spreading our faith to the people here (by any means necessary)!!!
  • Over at Britain, we don't like when others oppose the church. But we will allow them to come here and have freedom over their religion.
  • Fine, I understand that. But the ways of the English are far better, as we support mercantilism. In which we want to export less than what we import. We want this land so that we can get its resources, use them to manufacture products back in England, then sail those products back to the colonies to sell them.
  • We are conquistadors, we seek the personal fame and fortune that comes with the land. We want to conquer this land. So if it is any good I'll be able to get all the glory from it. Not to mention the money that comes with it as well!