the ball team
Updated: 2/14/2020
the ball team

Storyboard Text

  • Home run!!!
  • Bob where was your head tonight?!?!
  • I was playing my best, if you have a problem with it lets see you play catcher.
  • you will all run until you hug one another and make up
  • we want to talk to you about Bob, he has been causing a lot of trouble and we are losing games, and i think its best we try to find a new catcher.
  • so... I heard you were bullying Bill and i need you to apologize and make up with him or your off the team, Im not doing all this drama
  • Bob is a great player and is better than any other catcher in this league and definitely had a shot to be the best, if anyone has a problem with him off the team talk to me now and if he shows that he can earn his spot back he will get it back. I didnt want him gone but i think we all see what Bill is doing wrong here and i think he should be the one off the team instead of Bob.