Ecosystem Interactions
Updated: 6/5/2020
Ecosystem Interactions
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  • I am still confused about what we just learned in bio today, can you explain it again?
  • These two students have just gotten out of biology class. One of them is still a little confused about the sphere and about whatI each one does
  • Yes of course, let’s talk about some real life examples to understand better!
  • We’re going to take a few quick trips around town to try and get a better understanding
  • Wow, this is starting to make so much more sense!
  • These rocks are parts of the lithosphere. The lithosphere is composed of rocks in the crust and upper mantle
  • If you look down at the river below us, it will represent the hydrosphere.
  • The hydrosphere represents all the waters in Earth’s surface, such as; river, lakes, ocean and more.
  • Ohhhh, I get it now
  • If you look up, you will see the sky which is also known as the atmosphere.
  • And lastly, the biosphere. The biosphere represents EVERYTHING living and all life on the planet.
  • Wow, thanks for all of the help! I understand it all now. I’m going to ace that test!
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