I found My long Lost Sister
Updated: 2/19/2021
I found My long Lost Sister

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  • My Long
  • Hey Girll, You look like you need some help.
  • Hey, yes I do I've gotten kicked out of my house I have no where to go. Can you help Me?
  • Lost Sister
  • Explain to me what happened, so I could help you, and also what's your name?
  • OMGGGG!! I'm so happy for you! I mean i--i-You could Live with ME!!
  • Should I tell her? Can I trust her?
  • Well, Basically I got kicked out because.. umm.... I'M PREGNANT!
  • My Name is Cassandra
  • REALLYY!!!
  • Part. 1
  • This is my house i have plenty of rooms you could stay in. I'll help you find a job.
  • Let's go inside i'll show you around!
  • OK, thank you very much I really appreciate you !
  • One day, Jessica was walking down the street by the news report, and she found a girl that got kicked out of her parents house. She asked Jessica If she could help her.
  • Jessica took Cassandra to a restaurant. Cassandra told Jessica that her parents kicked her out and that she was pregnant. Jessica told Cassandra that she could live with her.
  • Jessica gets to her house with Cassandra. She tells Cassandra that she has plenty of rooms. That Cassandra could stay in and Jessica tells Cassandra that she was going to show her around