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English Leader
Updated: 11/10/2020
English Leader
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  • (1) Have you heard about how the leader of the club is a misogynist?
  • (3) A leader should be someone you look up to. This new leader really is an anomaly compared to other leaders.
  • (2) Yeah I did, I don't understand how you could be a leader and abhor an entire gender.
  • (4) Surprisingly I even heard he's bilked people out of their money before.
  • (4) Yes everything is all good, but have you heard the rumors going on about you?
  • (2) Oh hey... nice to meet you Jack. I like the necklace you have on!
  • (3) Thank you! It's my special talisman that I always keep with me. You guys seem on edge is everything okay?
  • (1) Hey, my names Jack, I'm the new leader of the afterschool club!
  • (2) I may not be perfect but I'll always strive to be the best for the club and I can guarantee that. The only issue is that I can sometimes make facetious remarks at the wrong time.
  • (2) Well... people have been saying you're a misogynist along with a person who bilks people out of their money.
  • (3) I promised you none of that is true, and I always strive to be a good leader and example for everyone.
  • (1) I haven't... what have people been saying about me? Though, I doubt they're true, If anything I'd be contrite if any of these things were true.
  • (3) Man, I really do bemoan rumors and people who make them, they could really ruin a person's life.
  • (1) I should've figured as much, a leader is someone that everyone can look up to. You wouldn't be chosen to be a leader if that wasn't true.
  • (2) I always try and be a good example for everyone of course. Though I do have a rather placid personality I try my best to show some excitement.
  • (3) Well, a leader is a person who has integrity, the ability to communicate, a good influence along with other characteristics.
  • (1) It's really good to hear that the leader of the club is a good person, I was worried for a second.
  • (2) Alright, it was really nice meeting you and I'll make sure to keep in mind that you can never believe a rumor until you find out the truth.
  • (1) Well I got to go make sure the school supplies in the clubroom are replete along with locking up the clubroom.
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