Unknown Story
Updated: 4/6/2021
Unknown Story

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  • Ralph realizes no one is following rules including not building shelter or even using designated toilet areas. He is deciding to call a meeting to keep the group in check.
  • We must follow the rules and get off this island. I need to call a meeting
  • Ralph calls a meeting and tells everyone that they cannot only hunt and must be worried about other things. They need to work on shelters and having a fire rather than only hunting for food.
  • We are getting out of hand and cant hunt all day no more.
  • One of the littluns states they must hunt the monster on the isalnd and that he has seen him. He states the monster goes in the water during the day and leaves the isalnd.
  • The monster goes in the water that's why we cannot find him on the island.
  • Jack states how if there is a beast him and his hunters will kill it.
  • If there is a beast, me and my hunters will kill it.
  • Jack runs off with the other boys and plan on hunting down the beast and killing it.
  • I will hunt down the beast and kill it with my hunters.
  • Everyone has left with Jack. The only ones remaining are Simon, Ralph and Piggy.
  • Blow the conch Ralph and make them comeback.