Updated: 1/9/2020
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  • The Virginia Plan
  • Representatives-->Population .
  • . . . . .
  • Hey! Larger states benefit!
  • The New Jersey Plan
  • Representatives --> Equal .
  • . . . .
  • That's too similar to the Articles of Confederation!
  • The Great Compromise
  • House of Representatives --> Population
  • Virginia Plan
  • Two house legislatures(bicameral)
  • Equal Representation
  • New Jersey Plan
  • The Virginia Plan settled on deciding on the number of representatives based on population. That way, states with larger populations would have more representatives and, thus, more influence. This would benefit the larger states with larger population while being detrimental to the smaller ones with smaller populations.
  • The 3/5 Compromise (Southern)
  • Include the slaves!
  • Hey! Southern states would benefit!
  • The New Jersey Plan settled on having an equal number of representatives with an equal number of votesregardless of the population size. The ideology behind this was that they didn't want the smaller states to suffer while the larger goit their way. This plan was quite similar to the Articles of Confederation.
  • The 3/5 Compromise (Northern)
  • Don't include the slaves! They can't vote, so they shouldn't be counted!
  • They've realized it would be detrimental to count slaves for them. but great for us!
  • .
  • The 3/5 Compromise
  • The Great Compromise combined the ideas of the Virginia and New Jersey Plans to create an ideal system.
  • 5 slaves
  • The Southern states preferred that the slaves be counted as part of the population since that would gain them extra representatives resulting in more influence. This is since the southern states were slave states.
  • Extra reps = Extra influence
  • The Northern states preferred that the slaves not be counted as part of the population since that would result in less representatives for them. This is since the northern states were not slave states.
  • We would have have less representatives if slaves were counted!
  • The 3/5 Compromise decided that 3/5 of the slave population would be counted for each state. It was decided that 5 slaves would count as 3 white men.
  • 3 white men
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