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Computer Genations
Updated: 1/10/2020
Computer Genations
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  • Before Computers and Technology
  • In this era all they would do go out and play with outside more
  • I wish that we had technology
  • Before Computers or Technology
  • First Generation of Computers
  • In the time 1940 to 1955 computers where powered by vacuum tubes and used magnetic drums to store data
  • First Generation Computer
  • these computers are so big i wish that they where smaller
  • In 1956 vacuum powered computers where not the best anymore so they replaced vacuum tubes with a transistor
  • Second Generation Computers
  • Third Generation Computers
  • The Third Generation in 1964 became the next great semiconductor technology
  • Finally microprocesses where made so that computers can develop
  • Fourth Generation Computers
  • Microprocesses where invented in 1971 where the new era of computer develop
  • In the future i think that we are going to develop amazing thing like flying houses or hover boards.
  • Future of Computers
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