The Patupaiarehe

Updated: 5/13/2020
The Patupaiarehe

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  • I am Wairere, the daughter of Hunua
  • This is my love
  • The people living in Tamaki Makaurau (Auckland) were the Patupaiarehe, a fairy people. They didn’t get along well, so to avoid trouble, groups of them lived apart. One iwi lived in the Waitakere forest on Auckland’s west coast, and another in the Hunua forest in the south. This meant they kept out of each other’s way. Most of the time.
  • On moonless nights the younger members of the two iwi would often play a game. They would sneak out of their houses and race silently over to the other iwi. They would take a token and show it to the others when they arrived home to show they had been there.
  • One night Hui, the son of Waitakere (the cheif) did not return with the others, when the rangatira realized Hui was missing, he summoned a war party. As they were about to start their war chant, Hui and a beautiful young woman, ran to them. Waitakere was delighted at the return of his son, and delighted by the beautiful maiden he had bought. She was welcomed into the tribe.
  • It was not a dream
  • no, and there is nobody left but us
  • The Hunua Patupaiarehe were enraged when they discovered that Wairere was with the Patupaiarehe of Waitakere. A war party was gathered and set to deal with them and reclaim Wairere. Waitakere saw them coming. The high priest of Waitakere reached into the earth and took some of the magic. he used this to finally end this the horrible war.
  • A chasm opened upin the ground, huge rocks flung into the air from Mataaho, the guardian of Earth’s secrets. Mataaho was furious with the tohunga for taking magic and using it without permission. He woke Ruaumoko, atua (god) of earthquakes and volcanoes, their combined anger Ripped a hole in the Earth. The tohunga tumbled into the hole and Mataaho melted him into the earth. The tohunga becoming part of the magic that he had previously summoned.
  • Many years later, two Patupaiarehe sat on a hill overlooking the Tamaki volcanic field.Wairere and Hui have long sinced passed into the underworld, but the remains of their folly can still be seen in the volcanoes of Tamaki.