Updated: 6/4/2020

Storyboard Text

  • NO i'm good I wanna be drug free
  • hey whatsup. I see you are walking by do you want some heroin?
  • because I wanna be healthy, stay in control of my body and I don't want to get addicted and waist all my money in that
  • Why would you wanna do that ?
  • No it is really important to stay drug free I am leaving because you are a bad influence you are not going to change my mind.
  • It actually is very bad and has a lot of bad effects
  • But heroin is not that bad
  • Well in the long term I can develop liver and kidney disease
  • Really?? LIke what?
  • In the short term not only could I overdose but my mental function could be clouded
  • Wait and in the short term?
  • It's fine at the end what matters is having a good time