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Updated: 9/21/2020
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  • Attention parents why should we support our teens in their pregnancy?To learn more about our teen pregnancy visit us at //
  • we need to fine this girls there parents and help
  • OK so which one of you ladies is next?
  • I cant believe my parents never what to see me again
  • Liz Garcia born in 2002 September 26 vale Torres born in 2003 October 17Sadie Gray born in 2004 January 14
  • where im i going to live?
  • I wish my parents where here
  • teen pregnancy support centers for parents
  • parents do you guys no why you guys are here today?
  • teens can do with themselves or even their babies and we don´t want to hurt our own blood or do we so parents stared thinking what our hate towards or teens can coast.
  • there pregnancy alone . If we don´t help them now who knows what our
  • we have a problem understanding that our teen need our help to go tho
  • Speaker: A mother that had to face her teen pregnancy by her own with out no support.Occasion: A poster in a hospital
  • Audience: Parents who don´t want to see or support there teens in there pregnancy. Purpose: To make parents understand that they should support their teen in there Pregnancy. Their teens need there parents support and help more then ever . That parents shouldn't look down on their own daughters for a mistake because we all make mistake big or small we should all be getting our parents help and support.
  • subject:Teen pregnancy supportTone:Tragic,Incredulous, callous
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