The Tell Tale Heart
Updated: 11/9/2018
The Tell Tale Heart
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  • STOP
  • hmmm... is this the old mans house?
  • i see you sleeping...
  • AHHH!! Who are you?!
  • *Kills*
  • One night a man was walking down his street to go to the old mans home. He found the house and went in it quitely. Than found the mans bedroom door.
  • AHHHHH!!!!!
  • The man opened his door quietly. He saw the old man in his bed sleeping so he went to kill him. The floor creaked and the man woke up.
  • The old man screamed "Who are you!" Than the man ran up to him and cover in with his blankets, till he couldn't see him again.
  • The neighbor said he heard some screming?
  • Please don't check the closet...
  • The man killed him and than the old man was dead. The man was so happy because now he won't have any signs in his yard. Than he threw the old mans body in the closet and than ran to the kitchen to find some food to eat.
  • The man found some coffee and a salad. He was eating his food than heard a strange knock at the door. The man didn't want to get up but he had to.
  • The man went to the door and answered it. Two police walked in and asked why there was screaming? The man could not help it so he told them where the old man was. They found the body and arrested the young man.
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