David smith

Updated: 1/11/2019
David smith

Storyboard Text

  • Expositaion
  • "wake up evan stop sleeping in my classroom you know take care of the hamster "page 6
  • conflict
  • "the hamster was walking slow to evan"page115
  • Rising Action
  • "i thought we were showing the class"page44
  • "we need to get rid of it"page44
  • "it is bad for other people"page 44
  • The story is at the school and it is in spring and the character is even and andy.
  • climax
  • "evan is eating the mosnster bood in the hallway"page100
  • "the giant hamster ran and grabed evan my the wast"page 115
  • The conflict is the hamster becomes giant and everyone freaks out and then even is fighting the hamster.
  • Falling Action
  • "even heard a pop noise and he started shrinking and the hamster too" page 117
  • Evan and andy are getting rid of the monster blood and dug a hole and put it in.
  • Resolution
  • Evan goes to his locker. evan grabs the monster blood and starts to drink or eat the monster blood when he starts eating it evan gorws and grows and then he fights the hamster.
  • The hamster and evan start to fight because the hamster went after him and they both start to shrink.
  • The problem was solved because all the monster blood were off of the hamster and evan.
  • "the hamster and even was back to normal the same size" page 117