Without Glucose
Updated: 3/29/2021
Without Glucose

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  • Brain Cell Number 3.14
  • :l
  • Yes. I will wait until Mark is near his mom, and then signal his stomach to growl. Then, his mom will know that he his hungry and hopefully prepare food for him.
  • .
  • Ok, I have a plan.
  • You do?!!
  • Wow! That's a genius plan!!
  • Back in Mark's house...
  • My.. you must be hungry. Go to the kitchen, I washed some fruit for you.
  • So, how have your studies been going?
  • Uhh...*stomach growls loudly*
  • Okay! Thank you, Mom!!
  • 😳
  • 😊
  • Carbon Dioxide
  • CO2
  • Oxygen
  • O2
  • Your plan worked so well!! Now he will eat the fruit, which came from a plant that did photosynthesis to make Glucose!!
  • Water
  • Glucose
  • Sunlight
  • .