Spanish American War
Updated: 1/8/2020
Spanish American War
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  • Yellow Journalism
  • Reconcentration camps! 200,000 killed! Read all about it!
  • USS Maine
  • McKinley's Role in Peace
  • PEACE!
  • To stop the Cuban's from rebelling, Spain sent Valerino Wyler to put them in reconcentration camps. American journalists wrote flashy headlines to get the public eager to fight. While angry Cbans destroyed American sugar plantations.
  • US Demands to the Spanish
  • Cuba shuld be free!
  • In Havana, the USS Maine blew up. It exploded on February fifth and killed 250 sailors. American journalists blamed the explosion on Spain.
  • Treaty of Paris
  • Despite the battle read American public, McKinley wanted peace with Spain for as long as possible.
  • Territory Gained by the US
  • As a final try at peace with Spain, McKinley demanded compensation for the USS Maine, to end reconcentration camps, Cuban Truce and Cuban independance. Spain accepeted all but the last demand. So, the US and Spain went to war.
  • In Paris, the US and Spain signed the treaty of Paris. The US $20 million for the Philippines, Puerto Rico, and Guam as unincorperated territories.
  • Guam, Peurto Rico, and the Philippines were gained by the US.
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