Poem Project
Updated: 2/10/2020
Poem Project

Storyboard Text

  • Two children, Pyramus and Thisbe, grow up as neighbors. As they grow older they fall in love, although their parents do not approve of the love the two have. So they plan to run away so they can be together. They planned to sneak out side of the town wall.
  • On the day they planned to leave, Thisbe was the first to arrive at there meeting point. She was frightened by a lioness, so she fled, leaving behind her veil. Then Pyramus finally arrives. Seeing the bloody veil, he thinks the lioness has attacked and killed Thisbe. Not wanting to live without Thisbe, Pyramus kills himself using his sword.
  • Once no longer frightened, Thisbe returns to the tree to see Pyramus dead under the tree. Also not wanting to live without Pyramus, Thisbe falls onto the blade to kill herself.