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Updated: 10/3/2019
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  • Paleolithic Times
  • And one of our best hunters were killed.
  • Animals have been attacking us.
  • We need to fix this people are starving.
  • I can't find our baby anywhere he's gone.
  • I'M DEAD
  • The Agriculture Revolution 
  • Woof!
  • Sit!
  • Baaaaa!
  • Moo!
  • Permanent Homes
  • Mama I love our new house!
  • People use to be nomads which meant that they would travel looking for somewhere to live. Men would hunt for food so everyone would be able to eat, but they were sometimes killed. Women would take their babies and would search for nuts, berries, etc. Women and their babies would also be killed out in the wild from no protection.
  • Surplus of Food
  • People soon learned how to farm. They were able to grow crops for more food. The people were then able to stay and not have to go out searching for food all the time and die. People also learned how to domesticate animals. Goats and cattle provided milk. Mules helped carry heavy loads.
  • Laws and Communities
  • People learned how to build permanent (long lasting) shelter. The shelter was usually called longhouses which were built with stone or brick fireplace. This material was used to warm the house for cooking. At the beginning the houses were usually one room but eventually turned to two story houses!
  • Trading
  • I have weapons.
  • Which one do you what, I have fruits, veggies, and animals.
  • Since they learned how to farm the people now had food to feed their families. Men now did not have to go out and hunt much and be killed by beastly animals. Women now did not have to go and search for other foods now and also be killed. Since not as many people were being killed the population got huge quickly. 
  • Waaaa!
  • Now they had food to eat and permanent shelters they were able to build a community. People were close to their farms, they would divide up work. Some people would farm, some would build houses and make tools. With many of the peoples basic needs met they could now be more creative.
  • Finally, the house is finished
  • Since people now had all the resources they needed they were now able to trade. People mostly traded for flint and obsidian. Usually they did not trade in their area so they traveled hundreds of miles to get what they are looking for.
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