Core Myth

Updated: 3/4/2021
Core Myth

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  • In the Phrygian hill-country there were once two trees whichall the peasants near and far pointed out as a great marvel; and nowonder, for one was an oak and the other a linden, yet they grew from a single trunk.
  • I'm tired of eating ambrosia and drinking nectar!
  • Sometimes when Jupiter was bored, he would come down tothe earth, disguise himself as a mortal and go looking for adventures.His favorite companion on these tours was Mercury.
  • They will never notice.
  • They wandered through the land, knocking at each lowly hutor great house they came to and asking for food and a place to rest in.Not one would admit them; every time they were dismissed insolentlyand the door barred against them.
  • oh.
  • At last they came upon a little hovel ofthe humblest sort, poorer than any they had yet found, with a roofmade only of reeds. But here, when they knocked, the door wasopened wide and a cheerful voice bade them enter.