Period 1-2 Stella Matalik

Updated: 9/9/2021
Period 1-2 Stella Matalik

Storyboard Text

  • period 1-2Stella Matalikpresents "The New Girl" 
  • What am I doing here? What are you doing here Trisha?!
  • The bell rings and Trisha (blue dress) and Carla (peach shirt) go into the school building and into their first class.
  • Ummm... What are you doing here?
  • Yeah I know Trisha.
  • You do realise that i will never be friends with you again after you became more popular than me at our old school right?
  • Trisha can we please be friends again.
  • Your my new neighbor too?! Well That's great!!
  • Yay! Thank you Trisha! I'm glad that we're friends again!
  • Okay Carla. We can be friends again. And I'm sorry for the way I acted I was just upset.
  • Trisha and Carla made up and became friends again.And every day at lunch they would sit together and they both were much happier now that they were friends again!