2 story board
Updated: 3/12/2020
2 story board

Storyboard Text

  • Ahhhh I am falling Bob said. Hi, Gabel, I have not seen you in forever you look so weird you are in a different form. It is called a process called condensation it turns water vapor into liquid and when I hit cold air I freeze and fall where it is cold.
  • How are you, Gabel? I am good Bob where are we? We were just in freezing cold weather now we are in the river again. Bob this happens when the ice and glaciers melt an then it flows into lakes and rivers.
  • So Bob where does the water go from the river go? It goes into bigger bodies like Lakes. Ok well, I will see you tomorrow.
  • Oh its you again. Ya I am so thirsy, ok well have a drink of my water. Boom what was that? Look there its a bear run and hide .
  • Hello I didnt mean to scare you I am just getting a drink of water. Will you guys come out I won't hurt you I just wanted to tell you what happens after I drink this water. Ok we will come say hi. Hello my name is Tom how bout you Bob and Gabel . Nice to meet you.
  • Ok now tell us what happens. Ok so when I drink this the water then evaporates and the is excreated so then it will be soil. How cool you seem pretty I will keep producing water for you guys and keep you living thanks Bob bye.