Updated: 7/19/2020
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  • Sam everyday takes the bus and train to reach his school. If the bus takes (y) minutes to reach the station, and the train takes 1hr and 30m, and if in total it takes 2hrs. Find y minutes.Convert hrs to minutes = 1hr = 60 + 30 = 90mins=2hr = 120minsy + 90 = 120 y = 120 - 90 = 30 y = 30mins
  • There are two factories which sells their item in one shop. The first factory sells 3(-3y + 10) Wools & Pillows, -2y Synthetic Clothes. The second factory produces 4(9y + 4) Bottles Cap & Thermacol, -2y Wooden Boxes.Simplify it. 3(-3y + 10) + -2y = 4(9y + 16) + -2y3(−3y+10)−2y=4(9y+16)−2y(3)(−3y)+(3)(10)+−2y=(4)(9y)+(4)(16)+−2y(Distribute)−9y+30+−2y=36y+64+−2y(−9y+−2y)+(30)=(36y+−2y)+(64)(Combine Like Terms)−11y+30=34y+64−11y+30=34y+64Step 2: Subtract 34y from both sides.−11y+30−34y=34y+64−34y−45y+30=64Step 3: Subtract 30 from both sides.−45y+30−30=64−30−45y=34Step 4: Divide both sides by -45.y = -34/45
  • Shiv works in a mall and gets paid R.50 per hour. Last week he worked for 7 hours and this week he will work for x hours. Write algebraic expression for the money paid to him for both the weeks.=Money paid for 1hr of work=50First week salaryWorking time in hrs=7Salary for 7hrs work=350rs2nd week salaryWorking time in hrs=xSalary for x hrs=50x rsTotal salary for both the weeks= 350+50x
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