Reign Of Terror Storybook
Updated: 6/14/2020
Reign Of Terror Storybook
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  • The National Convention Takes Actions
  • I agree! He executed my friend George Danton!!
  • He's already killed 40,000 people! He must be insane!
  • We NEED to stop Robespierre before it's too late!
  • This meeting is over, and the execution fo Maximilien Robespierre is decided!
  • Robespierre is Executed
  • He needs to pay for killing our friends and families!
  • During his reign, Robespierre has abused his power and executed thousands. Today, we are here to see to the end of this Reign of Terror as we execute Maximilien Robespierre!
  • End of the Reign of Terror
  • We need a new plan of government!
  • executive body for 5 men called the Directory!
  • it should have a 2-house legislature!
  • The plan should place power In the upper middle class!
  • On July 1794, many member of the National Convention demanded Robespierre's arrested and execution.
  • On July 28, 1794, Maximilien Robespierre was executed for treason. This marked the end of the Reign of Terror and the radical phase of the French Revolution.
  • After the Reign of Terror, in 1795, the third plan of government since 1789 was drafted. However, the Directory did not work out. A few years later, Napoleon came to power...
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