Vape/Cigarette addiction

Updated: 9/10/2021
Vape/Cigarette addiction

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  • Adam wanted me to meet him in the back alley. I wonder what he wants?
  • *Cough Cough*... Relax, it's just a vape. Do you want a taste? It's completely harmless.
  • You have no idea what those can do to you...
  • Like a cigarette, an E-Cig can damage cause lung cancer and heart damage. Nobody would want to be near you because they know the effects and how dangerous it is. Mentally, addiction will break you down and make you mentally and emotionally unstable.
  • Well, you could start by replacing vaping with something else flavorful. Try chewing gum or drinking flavored water.
  • Woah! That's some bad stuff. How do I find something else safer and not related to vaping?
  • (“Youth Online: High School YRBS - T-Test Iowa 2017 and United States 2017 Results | DASH | CDC”)
  • You can end vaping today. Putting your mind to work instead of vaping can increase overall happiness and healthiness. By saying no and avoiding vape, you can avoid an unhealthy addiction and be better. Exercise can make your lungs stronger stop you from getting a stoma. 42.2% (39.3–45.2) of Americans have tried and 13.2%(11.4–15.2) are currently vaping. End vaping today, before it ends you.