Rock Change Comic
Updated: 1/29/2021
Rock Change Comic

Storyboard Text

  • Igneous Rock to Metaphoric
  • It's hot in there! The pressure is so high I feel like I'm in a pool with Gordon Ramsey!
  • Metaphoric Rock to Sediment
  • The wind in this place is eroding me away! I should find some shelter.
  • Sediment to Sedimentary Rock
  • Dang it! I've become nothing more than pebbles and sand. This is the lowest by far that I have sunk.
  • Sedimentary rock to Sediment
  • Ah Yes! I am finally back in rock form. But uh oh! Can you waves back up a little?
  • Sediment to Sediment
  • Well here we go again. NO! I'm degrading even further!
  • Sediment
  • Hi!
  • Hopefully no one sees me like this.