To Kill a Mockingbird
Updated: 1/18/2019
To Kill a Mockingbird

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  • Scout, Jem, and Dill always tried to get a look of Boo Radkley
  • One night when Jem was trying to get a view of Boo his pants get caught on the fence and he leaves them there
  • When Mayella Ewell says that a black man named Tom Robinson raped her they go on trial to see if he actually did. But since at this time everyone was severely racist, even if he was inncocent just because he was black then he would be put into prison
  • After the trial, Robert Ewell promised that he would get back at Atticus for standing up for a black man
  • Finally, on Halloween night he got his revenge on Atticus' kids Scout and Jem when he went to try and kill them. Then once he tried to start to kill them Boo Radley came running outside to save them
  • In the end, Scout realized that Boo Radley was actually a really nice man
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