Life of Mabini Part 1
Updated: 1/2/2021
Life of Mabini Part 1

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  • Mabini continued moving up the ranks in the new government with his appointment as both the prime minister and foreign minister on january 2, 1899, right when the Philippines was on the brink of yet another war.
  • On march 6, 1899, I will begin to negotiate with the United States over the Philippine's fate.
  • As the declared war began, the revolutionary government at Cavite had to flee. Once again, Mabini was carried in a hammock this time to the north 179 miles to Nueva Ecija. On December 10, 1899, he was captured there by Americans and made a prisoner of war in Manila until the following September.
  • The Americans immediately re-arrested him into exile in Guam when he refused to swear fealty to the United States. During his long exile, Apolinario Mabini wrote "La Revolucion Filipina," a memoir.Worn down and sickly and fearing that he would die in exile, Mabini finally agreed to take the oath of allegiance to the United States.
  • Mabini returned to the Philippines where American officials offered him a plush government position as a reward for agreeing to take the fealthy, but Mabini refused, releasing the following statements:
  • After two long years, I am returning, so to speak, completely disoriented and, what is worse, almost overcome disease and sufferings. Nevertheless, I hope, after some time to rest and study, still to be of some use, unless I have returned to the islands for the sole purpose of dying.
  • Sadly, his words were prophetic. Mabini continued to speak and write in support of Philippine independence over the next several months. He fell ill with cholera, which was rampant in the country after years of war, and died on May 13, 1903, at only 38 years old.
  • Like fellow Philippine revolutionaries Jose Rizal and Andres Bonifacio, Mabini did not live to see his 40th birthday. Yet in his short career, he had an outside role in shaping the revolutionary government and the future of the Philippines.
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